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Bai Ming-Kansas City Artists Coalition


MARCH 11- APRIL 21, 2016

     We want our aesthetic experiences to be intriguing, compelling, and intellectually stimulating. Art can do that and expand our understanding of ourselves and the world. If we engage a wide variety of perspectives, we encounter surprises, contradictions, and challenges to our expectations. That is one of the pleasures that has informed and delighted me during my tenure at the Kansas City Artists Coalition.
So it is with great honor that I am able to present Bai Ming's artworks to Kansas City and to the NCECA conference attendees. This exhibition showcases not only his exquisite classic ceramic vessels and elegant paintings, but a wide variety of forms and techniques.
Bai Ming embeds thought into his materials, ensuring that the artworks are able to play against each other. His profundity frees the works from the hold of a fixed interpretation and allows the viewer to experience serendipities, improvisations, and perhaps even speculations into life and what it is to be human.
This exhibition provides an introduction to not only the variety, but also the sophisticated sensibilities that characterize Bai Ming's artworks. What is striking is the relationship to traditional forms and the keenness to pervert or compromise them. The works reflect an independent spirit that is guided by traditional Chinese expression and informed by western art.
Bai Ming's artwork is beyond language, it transcends a narrow definition of Chinese art or even modern art. These works are not static, each time you see something new. When viewing the works again and again they transform into objects that represent the invisible, unseeable mind of the artist. It’s a unique experience, this is its power.
Janet Simpson
Director, Kansas City Artists Coalition