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Air France Sponsors The “Bai Ming” Exhibition In Paris

Release time:2016-01-18

Bai Ming’s paintings and ceramics are presented at the Cernuschi Museum as part of the 50th commemorative anniversary of the establishment of relations between China and France.

Air France sponsors the Bai Ming exhibition in Paris
Until 3 August, visitors can admire the paintings and ceramics of this iconic and versatile artist, symbol of the diversification of Chinese contemporary art.
All the useful information you need to visit the Bai Ming exhibition are available on the Cernuschi museum’s website
Bai Ming is today an acknowledged artist whose activity as plastics technician and teacher contributes in renewing and revitalizing deeply the Chinese contemporary creation in the field of ceramics. He mixes traditional techniques and ancestral typologies to the most modern plastic expressions. In the pictorial field, he uses oil painting as well as ink, in an eclectic style which alternates geometrical compositions and gestural practices. Stated abstraction, daring and dynamical framings, as well as dialectical links bounding the artist with the ancient Chinese painting, allow him to achieve a strong personal expression attesting the constantly renewed vigor of the Chinese tradition.
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